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Residency Training

ACVECC Standards & Guidelines for residency training

The Residency Standards and Guidelines for residency training have been updated for 2021. All additions have been highlighted in aqua blue within the Standards document.

This most current version of the document applies to all Residents and Mentors, regardless of when training began. We recognize that changing requirements after a Training Plan has been accepted and training is underway may create challenges for the Mentor and Resident. However, it is very difficult for the committees to monitor the progress of all residents using multiple versions of the Residency Standards. If you have already started training and are unable to comply with any of the changes outlined in this document, you may petition the Credentials Committee for an exception.

2022 Updated Residency Standards

The Chairs of the Residency Training Committee, the Credentials Committee, and the Joint Committee on Training and Certification welcome questions or comments regarding the Standards. Please direct questions to the office of the ACVECC Executive Secretary. Thank you for your commitment to quality residency training.

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ACVECC Residents and Mentors


This is a reminder from the Chairs of the Credentials and Diversity, Equity Inclusion and Accessibility Committees that DEI training is required for all residents that are currently in training (effective starting this cycle 2022-2023), and must be done and uploaded into the database.  Please see the information below, taken from pages 19 & 20 of the July 2022 Residency Training Standards.


From the Standards:


Diversity, Equity Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Training: ACVECC residents are required to undergo training on issues related to diversity, inclusion, allyship and wellbeing during their residency. Residents must fulfill one of the five following options to satisfy the DI training requirement.

1.           Participation in the Purdue University Diversity and Inclusion Certificate course (Certificate Program Overview). This option is currently the most comprehensive, veterinary specific DI training available. It is fully satisfiable online and residents have a year to complete the course after registration. The college has negotiated a discounted price of $100 per resident, payable by the resident. Contact the ACVECC Diversity & Inclusion Committee ( to receive the discount code.

2.           Participation in the AVMA Brave Spaces Certificate program ( free to AVMA members. Non-members may also complete this certificate for an additional cost.

3.           Participation in an approved DI course, program or certificate mandated by the resident’s training institution. If a resident’s training institution already has a mandatory training course or certificate, completing this will fulfill the ACVECC DI training requirement. Residents are instructed to verify qualifying courses/programs/certificates with the ACVECC DI Committee.

4.           Participation in at least 3 hours of DI lectures or discussions at IVECCS. Residents should scan their badges upon entry of the lecture room. Participation will be verified through VECCS

5.           Viewing 4 AAVMC videos selected by the ACVECC DI committee. These videos range between 30-45 minutes and are available on the ACVECC website.  Residents are required to answer accompanying questions to verify videos were viewed if selecting this option for DI credit eligibility.


Residents must upload documentation, verifying completion of one of the above requirements to the training database.   If a course has been completed at the resident’s training institution (number 3 above) an email confirming completion of the DEIA requirement must also be uploaded. (See the attached screenshot which shows you where to upload your DEI Training verification materials on the Documents  page of your database report.)


Lauren Harris, DVM, DACVECC

Chair, ACVECC Credentials Committee