American College of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care
    Maintenance of Credentials

    Diplomates/Maintenance of Credentials

    The AVMA American Board of Veterinary Specialties sets criteria for recognition of veterinary specialty organizations. The ABVS requires these specialty organizations to issue time-limited certificates for individuals passing board certification requirements in 2016 and beyond. The specialty organizations must set criteria for these Diplomates to maintain their certification on a cycle of no longer than 10 years. Recent Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care are expected to maintain their credentials by applying for renewal every ten years.

    The purpose of maintenance of credentials is to promote participation in a combination of scholarly activities, professional development, and service to veterinary medicine, the veterinary emergency and critical care specialty, and the veterinary educational and biomedical communities. Diplomates may either recertify by retaking the ACVECC Certifying examination or by active involvement in the field of veterinary emergency and critical care. This can be achieved by providing service to the college though involvement in college committees, training and mentoring residents, participation in validation of the certifying examination, attendance or presentation at continuing education or by reviewing or writing/publishing peer-reviewed manuscripts, books and journals. All activities are assigned a point value and a total of 100 continuing professional development points must be attained during each ten year maintenance interval. After January 1, 2016 maintenance of credentials for Diplomates will be required at ten (10) year intervals commencing with the first calendar year following initial board certification.

    You can also find additional information on credential criteria, a maintenance of credentials log template, and a tally sheet below: