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    Covid 19 News

    Redeployment of veterinary ventilators to human ICUs during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Veterinarians and veterinary critical care specialists are aiding the nation's hospitals, who face dire shortages of lifesaving ventilators as the coronavirus outbreak continues.

    Veterinary schools, animal hospitals, and zoos are offering up ventilators to hospitals that are scrambling to care for critically ill coronavirus patients. These efforts could produce hundreds of breathing machines and save countless human lives.

    Ventilators used on animals are identical to machines at human hospitals. Dogs and cats with pneumonia and other respiratory issues, not unlike their human counterparts, benefit immensely from the breathing machines, which quickly can be repurposed for human use. A new set of breathing tubes is used for each patient, so there is no concern over animal-to-human disease transmission via the donated ventilator.

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